Customer cancelled order based on the reason that it was defective but I ensured that it was in good condition before sending out. Do I lose out the sale for this?

In these kind of cases, our operations team would need sufficient evidence to be able to investigate on the matter. Evidence can be in the form of photo image of the defective product returned to you. The operations team will liaise with you to work on the case and if valid, a reimbursement will be processed for that order. Contact Seller Help Desk for help.

How do we ensure that the customer receives the item and to what extent would TAQBIN/NINJAVAN try to reach the customer?

Our 3PL partners, TAQBIN/NINJAVAN would ensure that they make 3 attempts to contact the customer if they find that the customer are not available at the point of delivery. If customer is available, the order and tracking number will be registered into their system and eventually be reflected to us at ZALORA. In any case, you may contact Seller Help Deskto get clarity on the status of the order

What happens when the order is cancelled at the customer's doorstep?

The customer has the right to cancel at any point of time before or after shipment is done. If cancellation is made at the point of delivery, the order will be considered as a failed order. The item will be returned back to ZALORA warehouse and eventually returned back to you.