What are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) used to measure my fulfillment performance?

1) Seller Related Cancellation (SRC)

Order cancellation have significant impact on customer experience. The lower your cancellation rate, the better your chance to attract returning customers. Types of Seller Related Cancellation are:

  • Cancellation by Seller due to delayed fulfillment
  • Cancellation by Smart Seller Manager due to delayed fulfillment
  • Cancellation due to out of stock
  • Cancellation due to failed pickup

2) Service Level Agreement (SLA)

ZALORA aims to achieve the highest standard of customer experience by means of streamlining delivery lead time. It is important to ensure that your fulfillment lead time does not exceed the agreed Service Level Agreement. The higher your score, the better your chance to attract returning customers.


What are the Z Expected Scores?

KPIs Z Expected Score
1) Seller Related Cancellation (SRC)

 5% or more is a serious breach

2) Service Level Agreement (SLA)

 95% or less is a serious breach



If I breach one of the key KPIs, what are the penalties?

If ZALORA detects a serious breach of KPIs, we will notify you about the KPI breach and penalty to be imposed. Penalty may include Warning, Temporary Order Limitation, or Account Suspension. Actions imposed will be determined by the seriousness of the breach. The primary goal of Account Suspension and Account Delisting is to help you remediate fulfillment problems or restrictions which may include manpower issue, packaging out of stock, or pickup issue, before you may resume selling with ZALORA.

  1. Warning: You will receive a Warning notification. There will be no change to seller's listing and Seller Center access.
  2. Temporary Order Limitation: You will receive an Order Limitation notification. During the order limitation period, a daily order cap will be set for you. This means that you will only receive customer orders up to a certain amount per day. Order cap shall be set upon ZALORA's discretion, depending on the seriousness of KPI breach.
  3. Account Suspension: You will receive an Account Suspension notification. Your account will be suspended for a period of 14 days from notification date. This means that your product listings will not appear on ZALORA website for 14 days. You will still be able to log on to Seller Center to complete processing all pending orders to avoid further penalty charges.

If my Seller Center account is Suspended or Delisted, can I submit an appeal to get reactivated?

Unfortunately, suspended or delisted seller must undergo the 14 days suspension period to get reactivated. After 14 days from notification date, your Seller Center account will be reactivated. Please contact the Seller Help Desk for further assistance.