Pick Up



During pickup, I need to get courier to sign every sender copy, is there a faster way?    


You can use: Carrier Manifest to compile all the parcels that are ready to be collected and get courier signed in just one document. Important: it can avoid missing parcels. (Example: seller claims parcel picked up but courier says courier did not pick up the parcel.) If you are using carrier manifest, please ensure all the info of the parcel tallies.


Can I employ my own 3rd party logistics?    


Standard Seller are only allowed to utilised courier partner assigned by Zalora


Any orders shipped out using non-zalora awb will not be acknowledged by Zalora. Therefore, the product may be cancelled although it has been shipped out. In cases like these, losses will be borne by Seller.


You can only employ your own 3PL if you are on an FBS module.


What is ZALORA pick up procedure?    


Pick up time is from 8am to 6pm.


If there is no pick up by 3PL after 2 days after pressing ready to ship, please contact SHD to arrange for emergency pickup.


I missed the pick up time or I'm unavailable during pickup time. What should I do?


3PL will arrange for anohter pickup day. However, 3PL will only do up to 3 reattempts


Can I reach out to 3PL to arrange for pick up?


Kindly reach out to Seller Helpdesk to arrange for pickup from 3PL.


When will the logistic provider arrive to pick up my parcel?    


Your logistics provider will arrive within 2 working days after you have changed your order status from Pending to Ready to Ship.


What are the pick-up windows for the logistics provider?    


Within 9am - 6pm on working days


It has been more than 1 working day and the logistics provider has not arrived, what should I do?    


Please raise it to the Seller Helpdesk and choose Operations > Order Processing – Pick-ups.


I’m not available when the logistics provider arrives to pick up my parcel, will the order be cancelled?    


No. However, kindly note that we only allow 3 pick-up attempts before the system cancels the orders. It is strongly advisable to make yourself available on the 2nd pick-up attempt


I processed my order within 1 business day but it was picked up late by the logistic provider, will I be penalized for it?    


No. You will not be penalized as long as your parcel has been picked up and handed over to the 3PL. Late pick-ups by the logistics provider will not affect your performance.


My item has been picked up by the logistics provider, why is the status of my order still Ready To Ship?    


Ideally, the parcel should be scanned on the spot and the status should be available in 3PL e-tracker. However, please expect a slight delay on the status update in the Seller Center. In case status update delays, Zalora will be updating the status on behalf of 3PL within 5 days.


Can I set a pick up time for 3PL?    


After setting an order to ready-to-ship, 3PL will receive pick up booking through the system. They will then pick up the parcels the next day between 9 am and 6 pm.