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My order was cancelled after I have shipped my items, what happens to my items?    


Please check your order status before you ship out. If you ship out an order after it has been cancelled, it will be considered as a gift for customers.


If your order is cancelled after you have shipped, please reach out to Seller Help desk.


What is the estimated time for the order status to update from Ready-to-Ship to Shipped?    


Ideally, it should be auto updated upon scanning by 3PL. However if there is a system delay, status will be manually updated on the fifth day of ready to ship.


I noticed 3PL did not scan the parcel during the pick up / parcel has been picked up, however tracking number is not traceable in the e-tracker.    


Please ensure that 3PL scan the parcel upon pick up before leaving your location.


If there is still delay in system update, please inform Seller Helpdesk by providing the carrier manifest as proof of shipment, and Zalora will open an investigation for this. 


I received a call from the courier informing the customer is unreachable for delivery.    


Please inform Courier to reach out to the Zalora team for further action.


I received a call from customer checking on order status.    


Please inform customers to contact Zalora Customer Service for further assistance.