How to Process Order?


To process your order, go to seller center > manage orders > then you can proceed to print Ariway Bill, press ready to ship if the order is ready to be sent to 3PL. If the order cannot be fulfilled, please cancel the order before pressing ready to ship.


The search function also allows you to group the orders by various categories such as 3PL, and so on


For more information, please visit operation manual


Can I process order in Item Level?


Please be advised, order has to be process in Order Level. One tracking number per order number


For bulky items, Seller is allowed to process the order at item level. The dropshipping item delivery fee will be based on the count of tracking number.


How much time do I have to process my parcel?


You have 2 working days or 48 working hours to fulfill your orders. If you are unable to fulfill it on time due to unavoidable issues, kindly reach out to Seller Help Desk immediately. Penalty applies if you fail to do so


If you foresee not being able to fulfill orders, please submit a lead time extension request via Seller Helpdesk at least 14 days prior.


I received notification of new order, but I cant see any pending order in my Pending queue?


Your order is most probably cancelled as requested by customer. You can check it under Cancelled queue.


I receive duplicate order


"If you realize more than one order coming from the same person with exact same item. Most probably, it's a duplicate order. 


If you have already printed Air waybill: Please send the cancellation request via Seller Helpdesk at "Operations: Order Processing - Cancellations". SHD will check with customer if it's a duplicate order"


I can't push the order to ready to ship due to system error


Please hold the order. Please send your enquiry to Seller Helpdesk at "Operations: Order Processing - Status".


I can't print Air WayBill / Invoice


Please hold the order. Please send your enquiry to Seller Helpdesk at "Operations: Others".


I can't login to process my order.


Reach seller help desk via email address (


Can I contact customers personally?


Sellers are not allowed to contact customers. Please forward your inquiries to for more inquiries.


Any direct contact between Seller and Customer is a serious breach of the Agreement between ZALORA and seller. Therefore, subject for penalty actions.


I am selling beauty products, how should I pack my items?


Item should be wrapped properly to avoid defect upon delivery. Seller may need to use a hard box or bubble wrap as ZALORA or courier partner won't bear any cost of defective should the parcel not wrapped as mention.


What is the max amount of COD?


There is currently no COD limit. If the amount is too big, it will flow into CS verification queue.


Can I use the airway bill provided by 3PL to send parcels to customers?


Unfortunately you are only allowed to the Airway Bill printed from Seller Center.


Any orders shipped out using non-zalora awb will not be acknowledged by Zalora. Therefore, the product may be cancelled although it has been shipped out. In cases like these, losses will be borne by Seller.


You can only employ your own 3PL/non Zalora Airway Bill if you are on FBS.


I have keyed in the wrong tracking number, what should I do? (For FBS sellers only)    


Kindly contact Seller Helpdesk immediately so that they can help update the right tracking number into the system. 


What if the customer address is incorrect/incomplete?    


Please reach out to Seller Helpdesk


Can I process orders that are to be delivered to shopping centres or hotel?    


Yes, you may proceed with the order as long as the address is complete. For shopping centre addresses, the unit number has to be included, and for hotel addresses, the room number has to be included.


How can I check whether an order is a cash-on-delivery order or prepaid order?    


The information can be found on the Seller Center when you view full customer details on the Order Overview page. Just click on order and expand it to look for other details. Alternatively you can check it in the invoice that is to be printed out for each order.


Are there any restrictions to delivery address? Can it be a foreign address?    


There are areas that have restrictions and limitations placed by certain institutions and there will be no deliveries made to the following areas:


- Jurong Island

- Tuas Link

- Changi Cargo

- Country Clubs

- Army Camps

- Seletar Aerospace

- Off-shore Islands such as Pulau Ubin

- Turf Club Avenue

- Sentosa

- Singapore Prison Quarters

- Airbase sites

- SATS Inflight Catering Centre 1

- ST Kinetics

- Shipyards

- Hospitals

- Powergrid

- Airport Boulevard, and all airport areas including areas within Changi Airport and Seletar Airport


Foreign addresses are also not allowed and you must contact Seller Help Desk for further course of action.


Why is a customer paying lower than the listed price onsite?    


This may occur if Zalora provides any discount or rebates (cash back) in any campaigns or if a customer utilises the wallet credit.


What are wallet credits?    


Wallet credit is a form of a payment method. It will not affect your sales payout as you will still receive the full amount as per your listing.


I have forgotten to print my invoice but I have shipped out the item, what do I do?    


Kindly note that the documents are crucial and to be included in every order packaging.  


If we receive complaints from customers, this will affect the Seller's KPI.


I will be on vacation and will not be able to process any orders, what do I do?    


Go to Settings > Your Profile > Scroll all the way down > Switch on the Holiday Mode


When do I change the status of my orders to Ready to Ship?    


Only process your order and change your order status to ‘Ready to Ship’ once you item is ready for collection from pickup


Should I process an order that has a status “No Payment”?    


Yes. NO PAYMENT> simply means that the customer used store credits or ZALORA vouchers to purchase your item. You will still get your revenue for that order.


What do I do when my item doesn’t fit into the pouch?    


You will have to provide a box for your items in the case where it could not fit into the packaging supplies. Please make sure that the airway bills, including the barcodes can be seen and scanned by the courier.


I have a multi-item order where one product is unavailable/damaged. What should I do?    


Expand the order by clicking on the plus sign button before the order number and process item per order separately.


Under what circumstance will my order be cancelled by the Seller Center system?    


The order will be cancelled if the order exceeds the seller handling time (as your SLA)


I notice the tracking number on the Seller Center is different from my sender copy.    


Please hold the order and notify us by providing the tracking number via Seller Helpdesk at "Operations: Order Processing - System Error"


I can't push the order to "Ready-to-Ship" due to system error.    


Please hold the order and notify us by providing the tracking number via Seller Helpdesk at "Operations: Order Processing - System Error"