What are the general requirements for ZALORA images?

Images uploaded onto Seller Center have to follow our guidelines strictly and would otherwise be rejected by our QC team. Kindly refer to the guidelines which can be found also be found on our Seller Academy - Image Guidelines

Why I am not allowed to use product images with my own ideal background?

Product Images have to be either on a white or light grey background. This is to standardize the catalog with similar image standards. We also do not allow images with outdoor backgrounds for the same reason.

How do I add, delete or modify the images of my products?

Images can be added, modified and deleted on Seller Center >>> Manage Images. You are able to replace the existing images with new ones and each change will go through a QC check before it can go live.

Why were my images rejected?

Your images may be rejected due to several reasons:
- Images are pixelated/blurred
- Images are not within our dimensions (762 x 1100 pixels)
- Images not with either white or light grey background.

Kindly refer to the QC reject comments or clarify with Seller Help Desk.