How long does QC team takes to review my items?

The QC team takes about 2-3 working days to approve/reject your product changes. You can reach out to Seller Help Desk if you still find your products not reviewed after the stipulated time.

How do I know if my products are rejected?

You can go to Seller Center > Manage Products > Rejected tab.

Why my rejected products remain in the Rejected tab after so long even though I have make the relevant changes?

Do take note that products being resubmitted to QC queue will be shifted out of the Rejected tab automatically. If the items are still inside the tab, it means that you have not make a successful re-submission after the amendment. You will need to re-submit them by making minor changes to the content to push it to QC again. If you are facing issues with re-submitting of rejected products, do contact Seller Help Desk for help.