What is the process of payment?

Payout for sales in the month will be as follows:
- Seller Detailed Statement to be sent out between 8th to 15th of following month
- Payment will be remitted at the end of following month
- e.g April payout statement sent out by 15th of May and will be remitted end of May
- Payment concludes all sales orders that are successfully delivered

Why is the payout amount different from the amount in Seller Center account statement?

The amount in Seller Center is before shipping fees inclusion and is not the complete status of payment to be made. The finance team makes payment according to the detailed statement sent out monthly via email.

What are return penalties?

Return penalties are fees incurred if:
- Returns are due to wrong item sent to customer
- Returns are due to the item sent being a defective item

A detailed summary of the return reasons can be found on the detailed statement sent each month.

What are cancellation fees and why are there such fees?

Cancellation fees are penalties imposed on:
- Out of stock cancellation
- Delay in processing order

ZALORA trusts all sellers to have the stock count up to date and to process orders well within 2 working days as promised.

What should I do to change my bank account details?

Kindly contact Seller Help Desk about the change after updating in seller profile. Please ensure that you have uploaded your new bank statement in the profile page under bank information.