What is the process of payment?    


Payout for sales in the month will be as follows:


a) Seller Report - please download the report from the SC portal. Statement for the previous month will be ready after the 3rd working day of the current month. 

If the statement net payout is a negative sign, the seller needs to remit this amount to ZALORA within 14 days. If the payment day is still due, the amount will be auto deductible in the next statement.

If the net payout is a positive sign, the seller will receive the money in the current month end (dated between 25th to 30th each of the month). For biweekly payment, payment date is between 13th - 17th and 25th - 30th of each month.


b) Tax invoice & Credit note - this statement will show the details of what ZALORA charged back to the seller. Sellers can use this statement as a supporting document for claiming back the indirect tax from the local country's government. The tax invoices and Credit notes will be sent out to the seller between 14th to18th of each month for the previous sales statement.  


c) Payment cycle for Marketplace sellers is once a month. As a seller, please ensure that all document requested are submitted completely or upon requested during the onboarding period. Unsuccessful payment will be reflected in the next payment cycle.


d)   All the payments from ZALORA to sellers are using ZALORA local bank accounts. Minimum transfer is RM1 and Oversea transfer is USD25 


Why is the payout amount different from the amount in the Seller Center account statement?    


2 common reasons:


a) The previous month's amount was added in the statement for the current month. This may happen when the documentation sent for onboarding is incomplete. 


b) You are not a local seller and an overseas transfer was needed. If you are not a local seller, we cannot transfer the money in the local currency as shown in the Seller Center. We would need to convert the currency according to the average monthly SAP rate and send it to the bank to pay to you (the seller) in your bank's preferred currency. Seller's bank will charge the bank's handling fee to you (the seller). This fee is borne by ZALORA.


What are return penalties?    


Please refer to marketplace agreement stated in clause 21.


What are cancellation fees and why are there such fees?    


This fee is a standard fee and decided by the Management as stated in the contract. The fee charged would be used by the Marketplace management team to analyse the seller's performance. 


What should I do to change my bank account details?    


Kindly submit the updated details based on the ZALORA seller center guidelines via this link. For any queries, please approach the Seller Help Desk.  The finance team will make payment based on the bank details submitted. After the update, payment will be made to the new bank in the next cycle payment period.