How do I get more visibility and marketing exposure?

- To have better visibility, always keep your inventory stable and sustainable at a minimum of 5 or above as low inventory count will affect your customers' shopping experience.

- Add in new products often so that your brand will show up in new arrivals page consistently onsite.

- Have a wide selection of products with readily available stock to attract return customers.

How can I get more traffic to my page?

As we know customers love good bargain, to avoid losing traffic, you may want to try carrying out promotions every now and then. A strategized markdown will attract more visitors to your brand page. Once you get customers to your brand page, it will help to retain your customers, improve conversion rates and boost the products in the catalog.

How do I participate in ZALORA marketing campaigns?

- Our business team will either send out emails or put out notice on the announcement board in Seller Center whenever there are campaigns rolling out. Check out your main registered email and the Promotion module more often.

- Approach Seller Help Desk if you have any doubts regarding marketing issues.

How can I do my own brand promotion or discount?

We encourage all sellers to do a boutique-wide promotion/discount for a specific period of time. You can introduce the sale price and update your brand page with a banner dedicated for the promo. This will help in creating more traffic into your brand page.

Can I be featured in ZALORA social media channels?

Social media feature is possible if you are open to doing giveaways with us. Our business team is open to arrange the feature and liase with our social media team. Kindly contact Seller Help Desk for help.

How do I get better search engine visibility?

Our on-site search engine recognizes key words with regards to content you put up for every single product available on Seller Center. To maximize the search, do include relevant detail and key features when uploading your products.