Where can I find the terms and conditions of the partnership

The terms and conditions can be found on the Seller Center Profile page. You can also refer to the commercial terms agreed at the beginning of the partnership with ZALORA.

How can I check my commission rate?

The commissions that were agreed upon the start of partnership with ZALORA can be found in the commercial terms in the Seller Center Profile page (bottom of the page)

Do you have a seller service hotline for seller-related queries?

We do not have a seller service hotline for seller-related queries. For any queries, kindly reach out to the Seller Help Desk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Kindly refrain from calling the customer service hotline as it is meant solely for customers and the customer service team are not equipped with the relevant resources to answer your queries.

I will be out of town. What should I do?

If there is someone to process orders while you are away, the account can stay activated and receive orders. Otherwise, kindly utilize the Holiday Mode feature in seller profile to close your shop temporarily.

How do I change my registered address and company details?

Kindly fill up this form with the updated details and allow 2 to 5 working days for the changes to be reflected on Seller Center

How do I terminate my contract with ZALORA?

Do inform your account manager(if applicable) or Seller Help Desk that you wish to terminate your contract with ZALORA, together with the reason(s) why you wish to terminate. Please send us an official termination letter with a termination notice period of 14 working days and we will deactivate your boutique on Seller Center thereafter.

All form of outstanding payments and returns will be done by us after we process your termination.

Why can't I login to my Seller Center

Kindly contact Seller Help Desk to check on the account status.

How do I add more users

Go to manage users and create an access using the new email. An email verification will be sent to trigger setting of a new password.

What are the required dimensions for brand banner and brand logo?

  • Banner: 996 x 250 px (width by height)
  • Logo: 100 x 80 px (width by height)

Why were my account changes rejected?

Kindly contact Seller Help Desk to clarify so that you will be able to make the amendments.

I can't register a new user as Seller Center rejects the email used.

There are words that are blacklisted in Seller Center such as "admin", "sales", "marketing". Kindly check with Seller Help Desk to clarify.